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Best Downtown Winter Park Restaurant You Must Visit

Orlando has a lot to offer tourists. You’ll be blown away by the city’s fantastic nightlife, lively culture, and wide variety of food items. This post will look at the downtown winter park restaurant, Mynt Orlando. It’s widely regarded as the best Indian restaurant. India’s cuisine is referred to as a “simple meal with a big punch” in various regions.

Mynt, a superb downtown winter park restaurant and Florida eatery, is known for its vibrant and original cuisine. Many people ordered Chicken Tikka Masala, which was a substantial serving and quite tasty. You could taste the layers of spices and the Indian buffet.


Mynt’s cuisine is fresh and more nutritious. It does not employ ghee, the clarified butter commonly found in Indian cuisine.

Among people’s favorites are the spicy Chicken Tikka Masala, garlic naan (airy and ideal for dipping into any sauce or curry), and the delicious Daal Makhani. More dishes are listed below.

Lamb Dish

The Lamb Pasanda is a meal that originated in the court of the Mogul rulers, as described on the menu. Cardamom and chiles were used in the dish, but it was served mildly, with ground cashews in the sauce. 


Traditional Indian soup Mulligatawny, with yellow lentils and a pebbled texture, was delicious. 


They were loaded with potatoes and peas that had been seasoned to perfection. Samosas are an excellent place to start if you are unsure what to order at a restaurant. It’s a rare treat to find Indian food that’s both genuine and excellent simultaneously, and Mynt pulls it off almost flawlessly.


Using the Indian rice pancake as the base, the Uttapam Slider featured onion, chili, and cilantro on top with potato tikka sandwiched in the middle. This cuisine often includes lentil curry (sambhar) and chilled coconut chutney (coconut pickle).

Pani Puri

Pani puri is a delicacy available only on rare occasions, with a low price tag for these tasty shots. If you’ve never tried it before, pour the entire contents into the puffy magic cup, toss it in your mouth, and enjoy.

Key Features of the downtown winter park restaurant

Provides an extensive menu of mouth-watering dishes. Their chefs take great care in selecting the freshest ingredients and then converting them into mouth-watering dishes utilizing a variety of flavorful seasonings.

An experienced and creative event planning team is in place to ensure that all events are first-rate and run smoothly.

Various eating experiences can be accommodated at Mynt Orlando, accommodating groups of all sizes. Up to 30 people can dine together in a group setting with a set menu or a vegetarian alternative. 

The entire Mynt Orlando facility may be reserved for private events, with a capacity of 60 people. You can select from one of our pre-existing meals, or our chefs can design a custom cuisine for your event based on your requirements.


Mynt is located in Winter Park at 535 W. New England Ave. Lunch and dinner are served here every day. Mynt Orlando is the only place to try authentic Indian food in its scrumptious variants. This fine-dining establishment is one of the most popular restaurants in downtown Winter Park and a favorite destination for tourists.

As part of our effort to serve our guests a cultural introduction to the food of India, our staff puts forth their best efforts to create a delectable and well-balanced buffet. If you’re searching for a restaurant in Orlando, you’ve found the correct place. Mynt has some of the best kitchens, so don’t neglect them.

Final words

This restaurant’s menu is inspired by traditional Indian flavors, with wide-ranging culinary inspirations. Mynt’s staff is skilled and well-trained. Ultimately, you have a lively and refined restaurant that will delight even the most discriminating diners.

Frequently asked questions

Do they have a lunch buffet option?

Yes. Mynt providing a lunch buffet option

Is Mynt serving gulab jamun in downtown winter park?

Yes, Mynt does serve the best Indian dosa in town.

Do they have an online food order option?

Yes, you can order your food online from the official website.