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Best Restaurant for Lunch in Winter Park You Should Try

Naturally, lunch becomes our second most important meal, as we need to fuel our routines. Eating a nutritious lunch is mandatory to raise blood glucose levels in the middle of the day to have the much-required energy for the rest of the day’s activities. 

Luckily we had the time to prepare and eat a lavish breakfast. But in this fast-paced and mechanical life, is it possible to afford time for elaborate cooking in the busy mornings? True that most of us eat our food on the go deserting the dining table. 

According to a research report in Live Strong, eating a small lunch will help renew your energy and refresh you. But your meal should not be a packed burger or sandwich you quickly grab on the way to the office. It should have balanced nutrients and comprise food items from all the food groups. It should include salad, fruit, vegetable, dessert, and cereal on your lunch plate.

Yes, we heard you; who has the time to cook all of this in the morning? Well, you don’t have to cook to enjoy a great lunch. You can always visit Mynt Orlando or dine in at the restaurant and feed your taste buds with the lavish lunch buffet they offer.

What is unique about Mynt for lunch in Winter Park

Let us grab a slight glimpse of this restaurant in Orlando. It is one of the finest Indian restaurants in Winter Park, FL, serving the needs of food lovers in and around the city. The place is known for its elegant ambiance, carefully prepared meals, and elaborate menus.

It also boasts many secret recipes from the Indian kitchen, made with fresh vegetables and ingredients produced locally. The restaurant presents an inspiring menu for its lunch platter inculcating authentic Indian flavors and various culinary influences from throughout India. This winter park restaurant’s lunch has won people’s hearts and many awards for its culinary excellence. 

Winter Park is in Orange County, a suburb of Orlando, Florida. It is one of the top places to stay and visit in Florida. It attracts visitors throughout the year and offers families, students, and tourists the best environment and ambiance. 

Winter Park is close to downtown Orlando and helps people enjoy the best of both worlds, the vibe of the quieter suburbs, and the dynamic movement of urban life. People here love food, especially the authentic mild Indian flavors. Mynt Orlando serves their taste buds authentic Indian cuisine and strives to offer the best-balanced meal on every platter. 

Diving into the restaurant’s lunch platter

The lunch platter at Mynt Indian restaurant is filling with practically every food from Indian cuisine, from sprouts to desserts. You get poori, samosa, rice, chicken, Indian bread or naan, sprouts, juice, vegetable curries, and practically everything to enjoy a balanced meal. You can customize this Winter Park Restaurant’s Lunch by picking the best dishes from the available menu. This restaurant’s vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items are available at a very comfortable price point.

The restaurant serves its lunch plates with Naan, Rice, Papad, Samosa, and Dessert. A brief lunch menu at the Mynt restaurant includes Rice delicacies, tandoori specialties, vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus, salads, and beverages.

Salads: The salads in the restaurant are prepared out of fresh vegetables, perfectly seasoned to provoke bland taste buds. It includes onions, tomatoes, lettuce, tandoori grilled chicken breast, and cucumbers. The price of the salad platter starts at $12.

Starters: You can avail of tandoori specialties with the perfect spices and flavors from India as starters. It offers tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, and Seekh kabab as starters, and they cost between $12 and $14. The starters are cooked using aromatic spices, skewers, and herbs in the traditional clay pot.

Rice Delicacies: Serving a variety of flavorful and aromatic Biryanis under its rice delicacies. The chefs cook the chicken biryani with saffron rice, chicken breast, and other aromatic spices. They cook lamb biryani from tender lamps, aromatic herbs, and saffron rice. There is also an option for vegetarian biryani lovers; the ingredients are paneer, garden veggies, and other aromatic spices. The cost of biryani is between $11 and $13. 

Vegetarian Menu: The frequent visitors of this restaurant love the paneer delicacies made from fresh and tender paneer. The choices are mutter paneer, Dal makhani, and Saag. The recent favorite of locals. Vegetable korma, Peshawari chole, malai kofta, aloo gobhi, and veg kadhai are other vegetarian delicacies. The vegetarian platter has fresh vegetables and recently pounded herbs to lock the fresh aroma and flavors in every spoon.

Non-vegetarian Menu: You get every variety of chicken, lamb, shrimp, and fish here, specifically from their state of origin. The Kerala fish curry, Chettinad chicken, Andhra lamb curry, and Kerala pepper chicken truly locks up their flavor and authentic taste. Chicken is cooked in different varieties, such as tikka masala, xacutti, etc., to feast on the taste buds of food lovers.

Beverages: The beverages after lunch complement the menu perfectly and include lassies, sodas, juices, and tea, starting from $3. 

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Best place for lunch in Winter Park, FL

Mynt, Orlando is truly one of the finest Indian restaurants in Winter Park, as it has attracted not just the locals but also the foreigners and tourists in the province. The restaurant serves the best buffet in the city and ensures its ingredients are of the utmost quality and thoroughly nourishing. Its ambiance and interiors are carefully curated to offer the best experience for families and couples. Children love hanging around the restaurant while being fed lip-smacking dishes.

You can also order your lunch at Winter Park and enjoy the food from the comforts of your home. They cater to corporate events with prior appointments and can serve a big group with a customized menu. Their wedding catering services will leave your guests raving for delicious dishes, and you can also customize the menu for a more personal experience.

The next time you crave a lip-smacking lunch, visit Mynt’s fine Indian cuisine restaurant. You can enjoy your dishes at the restaurant or place your order online. The food items are delicious, fresh, and direct from the kitchen. It offers an authentic Indian taste and flavor with enough customization options to match individual preferences.

It offers a fine dining experience for the entire family, and kids especially would love the place and the food served here. The restaurant is certified to provide the best food in Orlando. It is time you taste the food and records your feedback for the restaurant.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is unique about the lunch plates at Mynt?

Mynt offers exorbitant lunch plates that comprise mini portions of different food items. It is served with main course dishes such as rice, naan, and papad. It also comes with desserts and juice.

2. Does Mynt offer breakfast?

Mynt offers only lunch and dinner buffets. Breakfast can be ordered in advance, especially for parties and family events such as weddings and birthday parties.

3. Can I order food at Mynt for my corporate event?

Yes, you can order lavish buffets for your corporate events and parties.