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Mynt Tops The List of Best Restaurant Winter Park FL For Next Meal

Orlando is now a famous hub for food that offers a myriad of cuisine to satisfy the taste palates of people. Indian cuisine has become extremely popular across the United States, and it is now true with Orlando as well.  Whether the guests are looking for vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or gluten-free food, there is a restaurant […]

Must Try One of The Best Restaurants in Winter Park, FL

The love of food is irresistible, and the joy doubles if we don’t cook them in our kitchen. Our generation is lucky, as we access high-quality food from diverse cuisines within close reach. Dining at a restaurant is an efficient way to take a break from routine and let the best chef plan the recipes, […]

Best Restaurant Serving Delicious Food in Winter Park, FL

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Florida? Winter Park is one of the unique places to visit. The aura of this place is soothing and enjoyed by children, families, and tourists alike. Here, you can explore shopping areas, phenomenal attractions, and numerous restaurants you may have never experienced. One should move out of […]

Best Downtown Winter Park Restaurant You Must Visit

Orlando has a lot to offer tourists. You’ll be blown away by the city’s fantastic nightlife, lively culture, and wide variety of food items. This post will look at the downtown winter park restaurant, Mynt Orlando. It’s widely regarded as the best Indian restaurant. India’s cuisine is referred to as a “simple meal with a big […]

Experience The Best Indian Fine Dining in Orlando, FL

Is there a love that is mightier than the love of food? Perhaps not. Food is a universal phenomenon that connects people across the globe. People from all over the world celebrate tasty and fresh food. Orlando, Florida, is not just famous for its tourist attractions and friendly people but its world-class restaurants that offer […]

Best Indian Catering Service at Mynt Winter Park

The Mynt Fine Indian cuisine restaurant is a masterpiece that never fails to please the taste buds of people in Winter Park, Florida. The restaurant offers exceptional hospitality and a charismatic ambiance that never fails to take people on a culinary delight tour across India.  The restaurant offers the best menu in both classic and […]

How Mango Juice Benefits The Entire Human Body

The king of fruits is the mango. It grows primarily in tropical settings and has been popular with people for about 4000 years. Mango and its juice, commonly known as “aam ras,” contain a range of essential vitamins and minerals for human health. Because mango is a naturally sweet fruit, adding sugar to it is […]

Chicken Tikka Masala: History, Flavors & Benefits

The term “tikka masala” can apply to the spice mixture and the well-known chicken tikka masala dish. Tikka masala is a spice mixture for a dish made up of bits of meat or a substitute because the words tikka and masala signify chunks or pieces. The dish has several origin stories, and the tikka masala […]

Benefits of Drinking Lassi in Summer

During summers or throughout the year in hotter regions of the country, we all tend to lean towards cold, refreshing drinks to beat the blistering heat. We consume more drinks or liquids in summer to keep the body hydrated. However, most of us prefer aerated drinks, such as sugary sodas, instead of natural ones.  Aerated […]

Why Is Malai Kofta Healthy For Human Body?

If you visit Indian restaurants or are familiar with Indian vegetarian cuisine, you may have come across malai kofta, vegetarian “meatballs” consisting of cheese and vegetables.  You can have your life’s best Malai Kofta at Mynt in Orlando. Here the kofta is often served in an intensely flavored, spicy sauce and is high in calories, […]