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Experience The Best Indian Fine Dining in Orlando, FL

Is there a love that is mightier than the love of food? Perhaps not. Food is a universal phenomenon that connects people across the globe. People from all over the world celebrate tasty and fresh food. Orlando, Florida, is not just famous for its tourist attractions and friendly people but its world-class restaurants that offer lip-smacking delicacies. 

The fine-dining restaurants in Orlando are indeed revolutionizing the way people enjoy food. One of the best restaurants here, Mynt, brings fresh flavors from India to the tables of people in and around Orlando. 

Good food is the key to satisfying the heart and fulfilling the soul. Food is a vital phenomenon to solicit eternity. The crew at Mynt restaurant has rightly conceptualized this idea. They prepare the best meals with fresh ingredients from local sources. This restaurant is already a heartthrob for the locals and is also popular among tourists. 

People here love Indian food, cooked with mild flavors and rich aromas. They have started to adapt to mixed cuisines and cherish the variant flavors from different parts of India. Dishes such as Kerala fish Curry, Chicken cooked in Andhra, and Chettinad style is favorite among the people in Orlando.

The best fine dining experience in Orlando, Florida

Fine dining experiences are generally very pleasing and bring relaxation and calmness. People eat at fine-dining restaurants on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Thus, the act of eating in a fine dining restaurant is a celebration in itself. Also, these fine dining restaurants guarantee the best ambiance and present their food and drinks on amazing platters. 

They also play soothing music and have clean and aromatic premises. They also serve as perfect venues to bring significant someone to create a good impression. Above all, fine dining restaurants serve various food items and offer elaborate customization options to help you enjoy a grand and lavish meal.

Mynt is one of the best restaurants to experience fine dining in Orlando, FloridaIt serves lip-smacking Indian dishes with loads of varieties and customization options. Besides providing the best food with top garnishing, its crew also offers friendly services and exceptional hospitality. It is the best place in Orlando to experience elegance and hospitality, taste the best-tasting food and enjoy a memorable dining experience.

The crew members of this restaurant take all steps to arrange the cutlery appropriately. They ensure that the tablecloths and the napkins are cleaned periodically and placed evenly. They greet their guests warmly and formally and treat them well throughout the dining experience.

Top dishes served at Mynt fine cuisines.

Mynt fine dining restaurant serves authentic and traditional food from Indian cuisine. A glimpse of the signature dishes available at this restaurant that will occupy the position of ‘favorite meal’ in your mind is,

Vegetarian delicacies

Mutter panner – cooked from green peas panner and rice curry sauce. Vegetable korma is a stew of mixed vegetables—Peshawari chole from chickpeas cooked with Indian spices. MalaiKofta, pannermakhani, and veg Kadai.


The restaurant has an elaborate non-vegetarian recipe and cooks shrimp, chicken, lamb, and fish in different styles. It seasons them with cashews, coconut powder, pepper, and other north and south Indian herbs and condiments.

Rice Delicacies

The rice delicacies available in this restaurant are a recent favorite among food lovers. It serves chicken, vegetables, and lamb biryani cooked with saffron rice and other aromatic spices.

Tandoori specialties

Chefs cook chicken tikka, seekh kebab, and tandoori chicken in clay pots and skewers with aromatic spices and condiments. These delicacies are sure to provoke the taste buds of anybody, and their mere sight will cause an appetite.


It also offers a fine assortment of beverages. They offer fountain soda, mango lassi, mango juice, Voss still, etc., that compliments all the other main course dishes this restaurant serves.

Lunch plate

Special menu for those in a hurry to order but have the patience to taste the food patiently. It comprises tiny portions of all the Indian dishes that the chefs cook. It is an assortment of the best food, offering a balanced meal. It encompasses everything from juice to dessert and focuses on providing a fulfilling and satisfying meal.

Mynt doesn’t just stop with a family dining experience.

Fine dining restaurants bring extended families together. They are the favorite spots for friend reunions. We have seen old buddies coming together for a coffee over a restaurant table. Many dates turn out to be long-lasting relationships over a dinner table. While you can relate to all these scenarios at the Mynt, a Fine dining restaurant in Orlando, it just didn’t stop with that. 

The restaurant offers the luxury of sitting back on your favorite couch at home, enjoying your favorite meal as you watch a web series. You can order your food online at Mynt fine dining in Orlando, Florida. They will serve you the best Indian meal directly from their kitchen to your doorstep within a reasonable time frame.

Extend the fine dining experience to your parties as well

Mynt fine Indian cuisine restaurant has built the expertise to extend the fine dining experience to events, parties, and conferences. Its in-house team can host all dining experiences and set up a unique menu relevant to the occasion.

They can serve corporate events in elegant platters and customized menus, depending on the preference. They can arrange Lavish breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for wedding parties to surprise the guests. They also extend their catering services to private events with themed buffets to create a long-standing experience for family and friends.

They deliver catering services for large parties and events at an affordable cost. They focus on creating flavorful memories and cooking tasty food that will always be remembered. They supply both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for all parties and events.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to host an event at Mynt, a fine dining restaurant?

Yes, the restaurant has enough space to cater to the dining needs of small groups. The restaurant offers group dining options for up to 30 guests. It provides them with a group dining set menu with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. Better make an appointment in advance to avail of this offer.

2. Why is Mynt famous for the fine dining experience in Orlando?

The restaurant is in the best location and offers the best menu of Indian cuisine to enhance the fine dining experience. All the dishes are prepared from freshly prepared ingredients and thus provoke the guests’ taste buds. Therefore, this restaurant is a massive hit among the locals.

3. What is the lunch plate at Mynt?

It will have tiny portions of all the meals, including appetizers and desserts. The lunch plate offers a satisfying feast for a person.