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Is Mynt The Best Indian Restaurant in Winter Park in Orlando?

Everybody knows that Orlando is a gastronomic paradise for those looking for beautiful company and delectable food. However, selecting one of the many good Indian eateries can be complex and confusing. So, we’ll talk about the best, most affordable eatery in Winter Park that provides exquisite Indian food.

In the heart of Orlando, Mynt Orlando provides a singular dining experience for excellent Indian cuisine. They have created an atmosphere that blends in with the neighborhood and is terrific so far. Our crew offers fine dining for formal dine-in and private event catering and has years of experience.

Their team collaborates closely with our clients to ensure everything is within budget. In addition, each staff member is committed to providing delicious quality Indian cuisine dishes for any occasion.

Services At Mynt Orlando:

Corporate Events Catering

They provide corporate catering services, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to ease busy professionals’ stress.

Wedding Catering

Your perfect day can include a sumptuously presented breakfast or a dinner with expertly designed plates. Your visitors will gush over our incredible taste combinations and meal selections.

Private Event

We’re devoted to giving your family, friends, or coworkers unique experiences. We have themed cuisines ranging from simple to exceptional. Their menus are jam-packed with delectable entrées to suit any taste and occasion.

Indian Speciality Restaurant

These kitchens produce flavorful food that brings tales of a regal age to the table. Mynt Orlando, which is renowned for providing an authentic North and South Indian fine dining experience, highlights the unique culinary methods and dining customs of India’s old nobility.

Traditional Indian spices fundamentally influence the flavors of the dishes presented. The menu includes flavorful Dum Biryanis, creamy curries, and juicy kebabs.

The décor is contemporary, with just the appropriate amount of traditional Indian components, creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere while the soft lighting and soothing music are playing.

The décor, which includes hand-carved wooden screens, artistic Indian designs embroidered in gold thread gracing the walls, flower-filled rules with floating candles, and silver silverware and china, enhances the authentic Royal Indian eating experience.

The Private Dining Experience At The Best Indian Restaurant: Mynt Orlando

At Mynt Orlando, private dining offers a unique experience. Cocktails are served in our private lounge before dinner is served in our private dining room, which can dine up to 50 people for cocktail parties and up to 18 people for lunch or dinner.

About Mynt Orlando

The Mynt Orlando is the ideal location to relax before lunch or dinner or to stop by and visit with friends for a glass of champagne or a cocktail.

There are many fantastic pubs in Orlando, but none compare to Mynt Orlando, where you can drink cocktails, champagne, or a variety of beers with our must-try Orlando tapas.

The Mynt Orlando is the ideal spot to connect before you eat. After a recent comprehensive makeover, it now features a beautiful central fireplace, cozy couches, and walls richly decorated with beautiful and enthralling images of the restaurant.

Our Legacy

For the delight of foodies, we serve the most excellent North Indian cuisine. It’s a fascinating experience to enjoy your perfect dinner with your loved ones. 

We preserve the regional flavors, and our gastronomic delights are unparalleled. Our legacy at Mynt Orlando is the uncompromising quality of our food, and every time we serve you, we work to raise the bar.

Our Catering

Mynt Orlando strives to provide top-notch catering services for your special events. We will combine everything for you in style at a wedding or a business gathering.

Your events with us will be unique because of our committed crew, specialized meals, and attentive personal service. While you maintain yours, we will uphold our half of the contract.

Corporate Events, Designer Parties, Weddings, Conferences, and Seminars are our areas of expertise.

Our Expertise

We provide individualized services and advice from selecting menus to putting the finishing touches, whether you need delectable food for an awards banquet, catering for a small wedding, or a family day BBQ. Our competent and skilled team will realize your ideal event goals, leaving you and your guests with lifelong memories.

Bombay Takeaway & Delivery

We are happy to report that our takeaway and delivery services are still available. You can browse the delicious menu here, and it can be delivered within a 2-mile radius. Outside of this, private deliveries are also possible. However, please be aware that delivery fees apply.

Please get in touch with us to place an order. We appreciate your assistance and hope to see you soon. Which restaurant would you prefer?

Investigate modern Indian restaurant today- Mynt Orlando. Every one of our dishes has a distinctive Orlando flavor of its own. Why wait, then? Orders can be placed now!