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Is Mynt The Best Indian Restaurant in Winter Park in Orlando?

Suppose you’re on vacation in Orlando and want to find authentic Indian curries. Due to its wide-ranging menu and cuisine, Mynt Orlando has established itself as one of the best Indian restaurants in Winter Park.

On New England Avenue in Winter Park, Florida, one may find Mynt. They maintain their position as Winter Park’s top Indian restaurant by serving not just some of the most straightforward Indian food but also some fusion and Chinese food.

Due to its diversity, it is a favorite among Orlando residents. Still, it may be only some of what it has to offer. This is an excellent and charming place for a date night because of the distinctive setting and fabulous décor. At an Indian restaurant in Winter Park, the food is popular:

Saag Paneer

You will love fishing for a cube before the others, even though paneer is a soft, uncured cheese. Saag is frequently prepared using green leafy vegetables other than spinach, such as mustard, which is very delicious.

Butter Chicken

Add the roasted vegetables and Tikka masala sauce to the hot chicken pieces. Each bite of this dish has a unique flavor and texture, making it delightful.

Special Naan & Paratha

The flatbread has an Indian influence and is entirely puffed, puffy, flaky, simple, and delicate. It’s already excellent, but being covered in the hot sauce takes it to another level.


Don’t pass on Raita if you like hot Indian food. The cooling effect could be a welcome break from the spiciness of the main course.

Experiencing Orlando’s Best Cuisine

Discover a range of Indian cuisine cooked by renowned and experienced chefs, and delight in the best Indian restaurant in Orlando.

The restaurant and bar at Mynt Orlando provide a variety of Indian cuisines to pick from by fusing the best of traditional Indian cooking with culinary ideas from around the Subcontinent.

About Mynt Orlando

The dining room at Mynt Orlando is quite classy, with elements of lovely sari cloth inlaid on the tables and mood-enhancing lighting in saffron and blackberry.

The food is traditional North Indian, but it’s also modern and cutting edge, just like people like it: with the freshest ingredients, little oil, and vibrant flavors.

If you want to explore your options, order the mixed platter of appetizers to share. Then, pick something like the spicy marinated red snapper in tempura batter served with cheddar and Parmesan risotto and one of the beautiful dahls on the side. The service is excellent, and the staff is dressed in traditional attire.

Our Approach

Our philosophy at Mynt Orlando is straightforward. Through a relentless search for the ideal ingredients and cooking methods, as well as a deep-seated desire to keep learning how to develop and meld time-honored customs and contemporary tastes, we hope to communicate our passion for Indian cuisine.

Sunday Brunch

Every Saturday and Sunday, our renowned brunch will help you start the day in style and be a feast for your senses. This joyous culinary experience, served at the table, includes a selection of outstanding dishes from our expert Chefs.

You can be confident that this experience will start your weekend in style because it offers the delights of Michelin-starred South-West coastal Indian food in a creative brunch format.

Dining In Privacy Like No Other

Our private dining area has its entrance, bar, dining room, and private kitchen, making it a restaurant within a Michelin-starred restaurant. 

A Taste Of Mynt Orlando

The cuisine of India combines the flavors of Goa and Kerala with an outstanding selection of modern and healthful dishes prepared with flair, elegance, and a keen understanding of their components. 

Although seafood is at the heart of our cuisine, we also offer excellent pork, poultry, game, and vegetarian options.

We invite you to share meals with your fellow diners so that you can fully sample various contrasting flavors and fully appreciate our distinctive cuisine’s depth and breadth.

Contact Us For Details

You can contact our customer support representatives directly if you have any questions or concerns. They are available to help you 365 days a year, every day.


Why is Indian food so popular?

Indian cuisine is a symphony of many nutrients, making it healthful and a magnificent fusion of subtle flavors and spices. Indian cuisine has something that food lovers from all over the world would adore.

What element of Indian food is regarded as being the most crucial?

Spices are among the most crucial components of authentic Indian cuisine. Each dish in Indian cuisine is known for having a robust flavor profile. Cardamom, turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and ginger are a few of the most widely used spices in Indian cuisine.