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Mynt Tops The List of Best Restaurant Winter Park FL For Next Meal

Orlando is now a famous hub for food that offers a myriad of cuisine to satisfy the taste palates of people. Indian cuisine has become extremely popular across the United States, and it is now true with Orlando as well. 

Whether the guests are looking for vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or gluten-free food, there is a restaurant that caters to all their food needs and requirements. It serves people who are in the mood for rich chicken tikka masala, spicy biryani, or cool and refreshing mango lassi. 

Best restaurant to get Indian food in Orlando

The robust city of Orlando is the ultimate repository of exotic nightlife, diverse culture, undivided beauty, and continental cuisine. The city is also known for the best Indian restaurants for awestruck moments, with flavorsome and delectable meals for every occasion. Orlando is a busy city that attracts travelers from all over the world to experience exceptional and world-class opportunities. 

Cuisines from different parts of the world have occupied an essential place in Orlando, Florida. There is also an entire array of Indian restaurants in Orlando. One such fabulous restaurant is Mynt Fine Indian cuisine. It offers the best Indian food in Orlando and guarantees a hearty meal with an authentic experience.

Indian menu at Mynt Fine Indian Cuisine

It is one of the finest Indian restaurants in Orlando that adds a lot of flavors and kicks in an extra chunk of spices to your life. It brings authentic Indian recipes to Orlando, keeping the essence of traditional South-Indian and North-Indian delicacies. Their original and innovative menu is definitely soul pleasing. The restaurant offers a fine dining experience to help its guests relax and enjoy indulging in its tasty food and drinks.

The menu at Mynt fine Indian cuisine restaurant caters to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. It includes tandoori specials, rice delicacies, Indian bread, and beverages as accomplishments. The following are the dishes offered in each of the categories at Mynt.

1. Vegeratian delicacies: Foods served under the vegetarian menu are vegetable korma, Mutter paneer, saag paneer, malai kofta, Peshawari chole, paneer makhani, aloo gobi, and veg Kadai.

2. Non-vegetarian delicacies: The non-vegetarian menu is chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, chicken xacutti, Kerala pepper chicken, chicken Chettinad, chicken vindaloo, chicken sagwala, lamb vindaloo, lamb xacutti, Goan fish curry, Kerala fish curry, shrimp tikka masala, etc.

3. Tandoori specialties: The restaurant serves tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, and seekh kabab for its guests, with customization options according to preferences.

4. Rice delicacies: Locals are fans of the chicken, lamb, and vegetable biryani served in this restaurant. The chefs use saffron rice for cooking the meat and vegetables after mixing them with aromatic herbs, spices, and condiments.

5. Salad and beverages: These are the best accompaniments for all types of dishes that Mynt serves. They are open to customization according to the needs of the consumer.

Special lunch plate at Mynt

In Orlando, people give a lot of importance to Lunch as they have too little time for a lavish breakfast and are too tired to cook a grand dinner. Mynt has captured this well and offers exorbitant lunch plates at an affordable price for its guests. It serves its lunch plates with rice, samosa, naan, papad, and dessert. 

The lunch plate will comprise tiny portions of different food items. It will encompass appetizers, desserts, vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses, and accompaniments. It is a mini buffet that packs all the vital nutrients and calories required for the rest of the day. Guests can pair this lunch plate with mango juice, lassi, or soda, according to their preference.

So the next time your search for authentic Indian food in Orlando, you know where to knock. Mynt Fine Indian Cuisine is one of the best Indian restaurants in Winter Park, Orlando. It presents authentic Indian food by keeping the flavors, taste, and aroma of Indian cooking intact. 

The cost of the entire menu is pocket friendly. They prepare food after taking orders and use fresh ingredients from local sources. After taking orders from their clients, they pounce the herbs and spices fresh and ready the masalas. By this method, they can maintain the freshness and quality of every single dish.


Mynt is already a well-known name among the locals and attracts tourists with its flavorful menu and cooking methods. They also accept party catering and online orders to serve authentic Indian food to their customers at all times.