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Must Try One of The Best Restaurants in Winter Park, FL

The love of food is irresistible, and the joy doubles if we don’t cook them in our kitchen. Our generation is lucky, as we access high-quality food from diverse cuisines within close reach. Dining at a restaurant is an efficient way to take a break from routine and let the best chef plan the recipes, deal with the cooking, and clean up the kitchen.

The Best Restaurant in Winter Park, FL

Winter Park is at just 15 minutes to the North of Orlando. It is one of the favorite winter destinations for a perfect holiday and is known for its lakes, parks, and natural sceneries. It is also the best spot for some of the excellent restaurants in the country. You can try Indian, Mexican, Vegan, Italian, Brunch, BBQ, American, and practically every single continental cuisine in Winter Park, FL restaurants.

If you term yourself a foodie and someone living for enjoying food and great company, then Mynt Orlando is your ideal destination. This restaurant is known for its ambiance, elegant interior, and chosen menus with loads of yummy recipes. It prepares its meals meticulously using the finest ingredients sourced locally.

An exciting feature of this restaurant is its authentic Indian menu with culinary influences from the entire country. This vibrant and sophisticated Indian restaurant in Orlando is sure to please the taste buds of its diners, coupling it with hospitality and a world-class ambiance.

Restaurant with an Indian Touch

Being the finest Indian Restaurant in Florida, Mynt offers simple food with a great punch, keeping the flavors of the sub-continent intact. You get to taste every flavor and variation of Indian cuisine in this restaurant. The staff in this restaurant prepares the best buffet menu and ensures that all the meals are delicious and nutritious.

Some good reasons to choose this restaurant are,

  • The restaurant introduces every single delicacy from Indian cuisine on its menus.
  • It has highly trained chefs to cook every menu with utmost dedication, choosing fresh ingredients.
  • The food cooked here locks the inherent spices and aromas of the Indian culture and influences the locals through their well-prepared meals.
  • They also organize and supply food for group events. They also have a highly qualified event management team to drive the event smoothly.
  • Its ambient interiors and exceptional decor make this an ideal destination for families, couples, and children.
  • They have a unique catering service for corporate events and could supply breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • They undertake wedding catering services as well. With a prior appointment, you can gift your family a lavish breakfast with fantastic flavors and dish combinations, right from the Indian kitchen, on your wedding day.
  • Mynt Orlando also offers themed cuisines for family, personal, and corporate events to make the experience remarkable.

A glimpse of the great lunch menu at this best restaurant

Mynt Orlando is a pioneer in offering fantastic food from Indian cuisine in Orlando. But the main attraction of this restaurant is its grand buffet for lunch. The lunch menu comprises every exceptional food from the Indian kitchen and includes rice, curry, soup, sweets, sprouts, and a lot more.

The chef crew at this restaurant understands people’s diverse tastes and preferences and has thus included every single dish to provoke the taste buds. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. But we hardly get time to make it as lavish and elaborate as it should be.

Mynt Orlando understands this toil of people and makes its lunch buffet detailed. It intends to offer every nutrient from the food pyramid on the lunch plate, from soup to desserts, including Indian bread, vegetables, sweets, chats, and juices. This one meal from this restaurant would be enough to cater to the calorie and nutrient requirements for the day.

The restaurant also customizes the lunch plate to meet individual preferences and tastes and ensures everyone enjoys this memorable dining experience. Those who cannot manage time off work and visit this restaurant in person can avail of home delivery services. You can order online, sit back in your seat and enjoy the menu.

Why Should You Dine at Mynt, Orlando?

If you are searching for a fantastic restaurant in Winter ParkMynt Orlando is an ideal destination. The restaurant offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that it cooks with the utmost care to lock in the freshness and flavors of the Indian spices. It serves more than a hundred authentic menus from the Indian kitchen. The menu here is extensive, with a host of lunch and dinner options. Its weekend buffet is quite famous among the locals, as they taste the best flavors and spices from diverse dishes during this time.

The food here is reasonably priced, despite its generosity and variety. The restaurant is famous for its chicken dishes with a price tag between $12 and $14, lunch plates, and vegetable curries. Locals prefer the lunch plates better, as it offers the best assortment of tiny portions of the different Indian dishes, from appetizers to dessert, on a single scale. Mynt offers about eight other Indian vegetable curry options, from plain vegetables to Paneer dishes.

It can cater to group dining for up to 30 guests for corporate and family events. It entails a group menu with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, according to guest preference. It is a perfect restaurant for families and attracts children with its dessert and chicken menus. Its tandoori specialties and lip-smacking biryanis are a favorite among its customers.

Bottom Line

People in Florida love mild spicy Indian food. Most Americans are fans of Indian cuisine and find it hard to replicate its flavors. They love the herbs and spices on the Indian menu. The Mynt Orlando prepares exceptional Indian delicacies by keeping the Indian Flavors Intact.

Apart from being the favorite eatery among locals, it attracts tourists and foreigners and has already trained their taste buds to adapt to authentic Indian food. So the next time you are in Winter Park, Orlando, to cherish its climate and nature, be sure to feed yourself from Mynt. The restaurants not just create great food but creates lovely memories as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order online from this restaurant?

Yes. You can order online and get the meal delivered to your doorstep within a reasonable time frame.

2. Can I arrange for Mynt catering service for my party events?

Mynt catering service is available for birthday and private parties, wedding celebrations, conferences, and official events. We can serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, depending on the group’s requirements and size.

3. Where is the location of this restaurant?

Mynt is one of the best restaurants in Winter Park, FL, and it is located at New England Avenue, 535 W. We also cater to online orders and offer group dine-in options.