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Top 5 Indian Desserts with Mango That You Must Try

Here are our top 5 Indian desserts made with mango that you must try. Thanks to Mynt Orlando, your heart will be whole, and your taste buds will be satisfied. Nothing is more wonderful than biting into a juicy, soft, sweet mango. Cold and delicious Mangoes are a welcome relief in the blazing summer heat. It can make various delights, including sweets, healthy mango drinks, and salad. And what’s this? Everything has a great flavor!

This blog post includes a list of 5 mango-infused Indian delicacies that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Nutritious Facts About Mango

Nutritional data for mango (aam) isn’t just about the decadent texture and mouthwatering flavor; it also has a lot of health advantages that will offer you yet another excuse to enjoy the delectable summer fruit. Even though overeating anything, even a mango, might not be a wise idea, eating in moderation can help one maintain a healthy balance. 

In addition to being a high source of calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, mangoes are also a vital source of vitamins A and C. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a 100-gram serving of mango contains only about 60 calories, making it the perfect summertime food.

You’ll be astonished at how adaptable this fruit is, given its flavor and health benefits. You can make a variety of simple mango dishes at home. Unique mango treats have taken over the summer season, but aamras, mango salads, and pickles are still popular dishes.

For a dessert enthusiast, enjoying delectable mango treats that are also simple to make at home is a delight. We have a variety of recipes for mango, including nutritious mango foods, delicious panna cotta, and kheer.

Top 5 Indian Desserts with Mango

  • Mango Firni

One of the most well-liked Indian desserts, this one has mango and is prepared with rice, milk, and dry fruits. It is simple to make and only needs a few ingredients. Rice, mango—preferably Alphonso—milk, sugar, green cardamom, and pistachios are required. Speaking of culinary techniques, they are not overly complicated. First, the rice must be placed on a plate to dry after being submerged in water for the entire night.

Put the dried rice grains in a jar grinder after drying. Continue grinding until you have a semi-fine granular paste, such as Sooji or Rava. Stir thoroughly after adding the boiled milk and sugar (to taste). Next, peel one large mango and place it in a blender with mango cubes. Blend until smooth. After that, add pistachios as a garnish and chill the mixture. Serve cold.

  • Vegan Mango Matcha Pudding

Vegan Mango Matcha Pudding has become incredibly well-known worldwide due to its flavor. This mango pudding recipe is a great dessert to create for a Sunday brunch or dinner party because it is loaded with the health benefits of chia seeds, flaxseeds, matcha, coconut milk, and mint leaves. The Mango Matcha Pudding, which is crunchy and delicious with sliced mango on top, will undoubtedly quench your heart.

  • Mango Kulfi Snow Ball

This beautiful dish combines the two most popular Indian sweets, mango and kulfi. Cooking cream, mango puree, cardamom powder, and rose water are all listed as ingredients. Cooking is also an easy process. First, all the components are combined and chilled to create a frozen sphere mold. Pistachios, mango sponge, raspberry puree, and rose petals are then placed on top.

  • Mango Ice Cream

Mango ice cream is a delicious delicacy. It has a short list of ingredients. Cream, castor sugar, mango puree, and diced mangoes are combined with milk, custard powder, sugar, and vanilla extract. The mixture is cooled in the refrigerator.

  • Mango Meringue Cake

If you enjoy cakes, you will adore this. It has a beautiful meringue topping and a perfectly baked cake underneath. However, you will never be excited by the goodness of mango puree, layers of mascarpone cheese, and lemon zest. So here is our selection of the top 5 mango-based Indian desserts you must taste.