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Types of Parathas You Must Try Today

Nothing compares to freshly cooked, hot parathas presented at the table for breakfast or lunch in India. With recipes for chicken, mutton, and paneer, parathas taste delicious and put food lovers in a coma.

Additionally, raita, dal makhani, curd, butter, and pickles go well with them. The flatbreads’ most significant feature is that anyone can make them; expertise is optional. We have compiled a list of paratha varieties you can enjoy at home and in eateries.

Different Types of Paratha

  • Aloo paratha

The famous and delectable, timeless classic meal can be eaten for breakfast or as a tiffin box snack. The recipe calls for stuffing a whole wheat flatbread without yeast with seasoned potatoes.

A few components are used to make it: potato, wheat flour, butter, green chilies, red chili powder from Kashmir, chopped cilantro, and garam masala powder. Visit Colorado Springs’ best restaurant for mouthwatering aloo paratha.

  • Gobi paratha

The fact that North Indians enjoy eating gobi paratha for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is proof of their popularity. They later gave the dish to South Indians, who incorporated it into their menu.

This dish involves stuffing flatbread with tender and tasty cauliflower spiced with onions and green chilies. Then, add amchur or chaat masala to give it a tangy flavor. Particularly when combined with curd or pickles, it tastes fantastic.

  • Muli Paratha

Radishes are not a favorite for a few individuals. However, Muli Paratha is your savior, so do not be afraid. What could be better than enjoying a variety of Muli Parathas with your family on a chilly winter evening?

  • Mixed Vegetable Paratha

When you have a tonne of vegetables and can’t pick which kind of paratha to gorge on this Sunday morning, Mixed Vegetable Paratha is the solution to your problem. Make a Mixed Vegetable Paratha by simply mixing them. It is also a wholesome response to children who object to eating their vegetables.

  • Lachha Paratha 

Without Naan or Lachha Paratha, what would a satisfying North Indian lunch be? So, all you need to create this restaurant dish at home is a few common ingredients and some milk. The result is a mouthwatering Lachha Paratha.

  • Matar Paratha

A paratha with a green pea filling is called a “matar paratha.” The peas must be cooked in water with salt to make Matar Paratha. After boiling, crush them to create the stuffing’s foundation. Finally, mix masala to taste or mashed potatoes.

  • Methi Paratha 

Methi paratha is your finest bet if you’re a health nut and fitness is your primary goal. It is a flatbread made of whole wheat with delicious fenugreek leaves. It will taste fantastic when served with curry.

  • Cheese paratha

Here is a recipe for a unique paratha. It’s a cheese paratha.

It is a wheat flatbread filled with processed cheese cubes, wheat flour, garlic, green chilies, and red chili powder. Sufficient to leave you wanting more.

  • Spinach paratha

Avoid looking past spinach paratha if you want to include healthy leafy greens in your morning. The delicious and nutrient-dense Indian flatbread is made with spinach puree and whole wheat flour that has been mildly seasoned.

In this recipe, flavor and health are unquestionably intertwined. Enter Colorado Springs’ best restaurant to have a spinach paratha.

  • Mushroom Paratha

Mushroom paratha is a dish that any foodie would gush over. The mushroom is primarily utilized in European cuisine, but it has gradually become Indian cuisine. This recipe involves stuffing Indian flatbread with spices and mushrooms.

  • Garlic paratha

Garlic has several health advantages and may add flavor to any dish. The North Indian specialty is a well-liked culinary treat that is enjoyable for any meal of the day.

  • Egg paratha

Are you an eggetarian who wants to combine parathas and eggs in one dish? Then, the ideal recipe to start with is egg paratha. In this tender and delectable snack recipe, Indian flatbread is fried in egg-and-onion batter.

  • Keema paratha

Want to make your homemade parathas look better? Are you planning a creative snack to surprise your children this weekend? Enjoy a wonderful recipe by adding a chicken or mutton keema to your paratha.

  • Dry fruit paratha

This is undoubtedly grand and exotic. Indian flatbread makes dry fruit paratha stuffed with ground-up dry fruits. Dry fruits include pistachios, cashews, and almonds.

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